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Dhol is a big drum that is not only used for the North Indian tradition, but also in the music of Indian and other areas in the Punjab region. The use of the Dhol can be observed all the way to the west as part of Afganistan. It is among the most popular Indian instruments within Western society because of its inclusion in a variety of popular songs. It is a rhythm instrument in Indian songs.

The term "dhol" is quite versatile and could refer to any drum that has an oval shape with two ends. Naturally, because of this, it can be referred to by various names across the many Indian languages. The name "dhol" comes from Hindi which is the most used and recognized language in the Indian subcontinent. The person who plays the dhol is known as"a dholi. There are also different terms to distinguish different types of dhol. Certain types of dhol will be discussed later in this article.

Rohan Punjabi Dhol Wala The dhol's predecessor is the dohol a similar instrument, which was developed within Persia (now Iran) and that is still in use particularly among the Kurdish minorities. It was played as a accompaniment for Persian musical instruments such as the flute. The dhol was first introduced to widespread usage in India during the 15th century. However, it was used to aid farmers in their work and in times of war, not as an instrument to play music initially. It is believed it was played in court to entertain Mughal Emperor Akbar in the early 16th century, though the word"dhol" does not appear in printed form until the year 1800. The history of the dhol is ambiguous and it's highly likely that there was only one important "moment of creation".

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Punjabi Dhol Wala masjid-moth-extn 📞 082873 88166 ,9871840851

In the present, dhol music is played in a variety of contexts. The most prominent use for Westerners is in the bhangra style which is part of Punjabi popular music. While Indian immigrants first introduced Dhol into Britain in the 1960s but it wasn't until the 1980s that the genre was at its peak when Indian instruments began to blend with British styles of rock. The genre rapidly became becoming popular among British Asian youths with some cassettes selling for more than 30,000 units per week. A few of the top groups in this genre include Sahotas (a hybrid rock boy group) and Alaap formed by Channi Singh, who is known as Channi Singh, the "Godfather" of bhangra music. Despite a decline in popularity in the 90s , bhangra music is still alive and well mixing with other genres like reggae and hip hop that are influenced by artists like Bally Sagoo (1964-) The majority of the time, it makes use of Western instruments like the synthesizer as well as the electric guitar for melody, as well as Indian instruments like tabla and the dhol to create the rhythm. The themes of lyrics revolve around subjects like relationships, love happiness, money, and relationships.

The Dhol is also employed in also the Sufi (also known as "mystical" denomination within Islam specifically within West Punjab. They are utilized to stimulate faith-based fervor. In many other parts of the Indian subcontinent, they have historically been utilized in celebrations but this tradition is declining.

Rohan Punjabi Dhol Wala There are two major kinds of dhol: the Punjabi Bhangra Dhol and the Punjabi Dhol. They are remarkably identical, but they have numerous differences. The Punjabi dhol R K Puram is generally less imposing than Punjabi Dhol and, in fact, many other dhols. It weighs in at just thirteen inches in the case of the head, and fifteen inches on the other for the shell. Punjabi Dhols are much bigger with a length of two feet with the circumference of shells at three feet. Punjabi dhols use unique tassels for decoration. Punjabi dhol players have been known as dhulis and are renowned because of they have long hair. The Punjabi dhol is an enormous cloth called Gamcha that is used for decoration and many players wear the strap to give them more mobility as they play.

We have 25 years of experience in Punjabi Dhol.

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